Monday, March 31, 2014

Slice of Life Day 31 Is this Really the End?

For the last 31 day I have been participating in the 30 (31) Day Writing Challenge hosted by the wonderful team at Two Writing Teachers.  As I accepted this challenged I knew it would be a challenge and a great learning experience.  In my first post I wrote~

I accepted this challenge with trepidation.  Not because I don't know what to write, I have lots of stories swirling in my head and if you know me you know that's true.  I love to write and when I sit down to write (most days, but not all days) words I didn't know I had just seem to find there way to the paper.
Well it turns out that the words won't the only surprises I found~

Madi discovered she was a writer and learned to take risk!

Our Weekly SOL lunches were so important Mason Skyped in while his family was driving to Disney!

The energy of the kids has been amazing! Some blogged, some wrote in their notebooks, some made videos of their writing and we all supported each other. 

Reading the kids daily writing has strengthened our relationship and help me to know them as people and writers.  My instruction has been more purposeful and the kids have been more motivated to write and write and write! Today I congratulated the kids for making it this so far and the challenge the room instantly erupted in groans and moans.  Then Grace bolts up and asked~

"Can we make our own challenge? We want to keep writing!"

Well what teacher would say no to this? Certainly not me!  As soon as kids were off to Writer's Workshop I couldn't help but notice the line forming at the easel, Grace had created a sign up sheet for our challenge! 


  1. So excited for you that it was such a great experience for you and your students. I'm glad we could go on this journey together!

  2. That is awesome! What teacher wouldn't love it when students ask to write more? Next year I want to invite my students along for the journey, too.