Saturday, March 14, 2015

Slice of Life~ My Maker Space

Tonight's post will merge two of my digital communities. I hope neither community minds the merge…

Tonights post is day 14 as a member of the Slice of Life writing community created by Two Writing Teachers and in this post I want to share my "make" for my Digital Playground community created by Julie And Cathy.

The members of the Digital Playground are giving a biweekly "make." I don't really know how to explain what a make is, it's a task we are challenged to complete, the directions are open. The ambiguity of this task is exactly what makes it's so fun! Members set out of the task in a variety of ways and each one is unique to the creator. Along the way I am learning new tools, new friends and new things about old friends, it's all a win!

Julie's direction for this make are~
However you identify yourself, there’s probably a special spot that is your “space to make.”  Is it your kitchen, your garage, the cityscape, or someplace else where you can let your creativity shine?

For this week’s make, we’d like you to show us your maker space.  How you show us is up to you.  There are no limitations...write a poem or story, create a movie, build something and take a photo...use your imagination!  Try a new tool, or stay with something familiar because you want to get better at it.  It’s your choice!
I struggled to define my maker space. Then I heard my daughter's dance instructor Martine Clark express what the dance studio means to a dancer, loosely quoted from my memory-
"...the studio to a dancer is a sacred place, a place where we can be ourselves and a place where we can let it all go and express ourselves."
As I listened to these words I knew what my maker spaceS were... a place I hold sacred, (my classroom), a place I feel free to be myself, (in my classroom, my home and at a mall. Yep, I feel creative and inspired at the mall. I grew up working in the mall and have always felt the mall grounds me, it's a creative space where we dream and create spaces and images) and finally, the recliner with my laptop. This is where all my thoughts come together and are turned into expressions and wonders!

Click to view my Maker Space

I used Nutshell to create show my maker space. Nutshell is VERY simple to use, but I took sometime trying to polish a few pieces. The music and picture quality continue to be my challenges with this tool. 

What's your Make Space…?


  1. Love your nutshell! I find chairs and spots in the house where I do the making...I have 3 offices-my trunk, my Ott office and my school office-I share the offices with other people so I don't always feel confident about making in a shared space. If I go back to my classroom days then I can say I loved creating in my classroom!

  2. First, I love the quote (however loose it is) from your daughter's dance teacher. Your maker spaces are varied, which shows how we can be creative in many different places. I've not played with Nutshell. Maybe that will be a project for tomorrow. Thanks Deb!

  3. I bought Nutshell but got stuck because I wanted to use images I had already taken. I may try again. I'd like to link this post on DigiLit Sunday today. Thanks.

    1. Margaret,
      I got stuck with the same piece! I ended up taking screen shots of previous photos so could snap them again with Nutshell. This is a featured I hope they change.

  4. What great maker spaces! I love the maker philosophy. So powerful creation is.

  5. What a great photo of your sacred space!