Monday, March 30, 2015

Slice of Life Day 30- Frappy Hour Power and My Kitchen— A Match not Meant to Be

Tonight I came home feeling extra energetic, maybe it was "the "Frappy Hour" at Starbucks,  I can't be sure, but I was eager to dig into something.  Since it was 6 o'clock I decided cooking was a great choice.  Now, you should know I am a self-proclaimed TERRIBLE cook, for reasons that will soon become obvious.

I bounded in the door and found my husband in the midst of tonights meal preparations.  This should have been a sign, but no I had "Frappy Hour" power.

I can cook  I will cook.

I mean I have a master degree, I can teach 1st graders to infer, write with craft and share their learning with the world, certainly cooking is no match to skills such as these.

I can cook I will cook!

First, I'll make a cake.  Nothing crazy, its a box mix, its more like assembling food- not cooking.  Cake in the oven- I am feeling like Betty Crocker! Next, I decide to make lasagna.  If I throw this together tonight tomorrow will be a breeze and my poor  hubby (Thank goodness he's a great cook) could have a night off. Yep, I will make lasagna!

I can cook I will cook!

I mean the cake was a breeze, how much trouble can the lasagna be?  It's merely an assembling of basic ingredients at best.

Ok, lasagna…boil noodles, guess what?  ALL the noodles broke, even the 3 extra "just in case" noodles.
Cook and season sausage- success.

OK, noodles are done, lay out the noodle pieces to dry.
I've still got  this, I have "Frappy Hour" power!

I can cook I will cook!

OK, now where's that lasagna pan?  Oh, the clear glass one?  The one the cake is baking in? Yep, that's the one.  Oh, well what other pans do I have, this round one will be fine. OK, layer lasagna, pop it in the oven and remove the cake.

Bless the "Frappy Hour" power!

I can cook I AM COOKING!

Beep, beep, beep, cake is done! Set aside to cool, slide lasagna in, all is well thanks to "Frappy Hour" power!

Beep, beep, beep lasagna is done! Feeling accomplished and ahead of the game I pull the lasagna out of the oven…

The cheese is so over cooked it looks like a perfectly browned pie crust!
Luckily, I could peel this off!

I can cook I will cook!

Now, lets get this cake frosted…turn the cake out onto the cake plate…careful ... loosen the edges…center on the plate and DUMP!

Yep, dump cake is what it was! The sides came out easily, but only the sides came out!

About now it should be obvious why I am a self-proclaimed terrible cook! 

Now don't feel you need to tell me about all the great cooks who make these same mistakes in the kitchen and use these mistakes to create new and delicious recipes. I have a husband who likes to cook and is a great cook.  I am quite comfortable in my status as a terrible cook and it's great comedy to watch me try sometimes.  But my best dish will remain- Reservations!

Thanks for reading, writing this post helped me to hold my self-control in the dawn of kitchen mishaps and the the let down of the "Frappy Hour" power.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slice of Life Day 29~ Final Day of Spring Break

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life March challenge.  I am joining other bloggers and writing every day in March.  Please visit their site to read other slices and please remember to let the blogger know you read their post, share the love in the comments! 

The final day of spring break….

The plan~

Stay up late
Sleep in

Lost touch friends
Do Lunch

Go to the movie
Missed Opportunity

Listen to Serial

Visit Friend
New baby

Closet at home
Check and Oh, well

Lunch with mom and girls
Nails with mom and girls
Check, check

Distant family
Joyfully, Check!

Ready to return to school

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slice of Life Day 28 & Celebrate~ this week! Classroom Spring Cleaning and Rearrangements

Today's post will merge two of my digital communities.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life March challenge.  I am joining other bloggers and writing every day in March.  Please visit their site to read other slices and please remember to let the blogger know you read their post, share the love in the comments! 
Ruth Ayers of Discover. Play. Build. invites  us to share weekly celebrations, big or small, on her blog. This week I am jumping in, celebrating my opportunity to work alongside a preservice teacher and practice my OLW~ Listen!   Thanks Ruth for hosting! 

I want to celebrate  Mary Kay's thoughtfulness in rearranging our rooms and the arrangement and the promise it holds.  We went into school on Friday to tidy up and make a few adjustments.  I let Mary Kay make all the decisions. I listened as she explained her thoughts for wanting to move something and then helped  make the move.  

  • Rotated the carpet to improve student comfort in looking at the large screen while seated not he floor.
  • Moved island (which houses paper, dry erase tools and other writing supplies) to allow more open feel when entering the room and student accessibility in gathering tools. 
  • Cleaned out tanks from previously living organisms (Yes, our mealworms actually died, of natural causes, I was sure you couldn't kill mealworms…)
  • Added larger table to improve use of document camera in displaying work and books.
  • Moved treasure chest of books (houses class favorites) to a safer location to prevent lid from falling shut. 
  • Added poetry books to tables and  physical science books to display shelf to activate prior learning and front load upcoming studies. 
  • Switched out markers for colored pens to improve legibility of writing. (Markers are still available, but not on tables.)
Mary Kay experienced first hand how one little change turns into a few more little changes and a few more decisions.  Mary Kay was thoughtful about traffic patterns, seating, work space for small groups and individuals and student preferences and keeping the balance with her needs as the lead teacher.   I am eager to see how the kids respond Monday! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Silce Of Life Day 27~Even Mickey Mouse Can't Hold Down These Writers!

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life March challenge.  I am joining other bloggers and writing every day in March.  Please visit their site to read other slices and please remember to let the blogger know you read their post, share the love in the comments! 

Today's post is a testament to power of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge.  #SOL15 Takes On Mickey! 

This week is spring break in our district and I worried about  writers dropping out.  As we shared our SOL lunch last Tuesday I asked the writers what their writing plans were over spring.  A few scoffed, "It's spring break!"  Zyg piped up, "Yeah, that's going to make it even more of a writing challenge! I can blog on my mom's phone, because we are going to at Disney?"  Then, Avery spoke up and posed the Avery Challenge~ "I am going to write everyday on my vacation, because if I don't I will miss it!" The writers united and the Avery challenge was on! 

This week I have been moderating, approving and linking post much like another week with 5-7 kids consistently writing.  Yesterday, I realized these 5-7 kids were on spring break, most in Disney and  STILL they post everyday!  This deserves special recognition, so I tweeted out our link and look what happened! 

Zyg got a comment from Mr. Webb and Room Three in New Zealand! 
As soon as I approved this comment I texted Zyg's mom- her response made my day and inspired this post!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slice of Life day 26~ Room Reorganization

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life March challenge.  I am joining other bloggers and writing every day in March.  Please visit their site to read other slices and please remember to let the blogger know you read their post, share the love in the comments! 

Tomorrow is the last weekday of our spring break and I am very excited about my plans for the day!  I am not going on any trips, or to lunch with a friend and I have no plan to curl up with a good book!    So what has me so excited about my final day of spring break?

I am planning to meet Mary Kay (our student teacher) at school to do some reorganizing and cleaning!  There is something about being in the classroom when the staff and kids are out.  Ideas seem to percolate as I tinker and clean.  I want Mary Kay to have this experience before her time with us is over. There is just something about walking into a fresh classroom!

Here's the plan…so far~

  • Meet at 930 with coffee 
  • Replace old dried up markers,  stubby broken crayons, and  chewed up eraser less pencils with BRAND NEW markers, crayons and pencils! 
  • Wipe down tables and counters.
  • Put out POETRY books!
  • Put away snow and winter books. 
  • Reorganize book baskets.
  • Retape charts and labels.
  • Add a new table to the room and arrange furniture to make the best use of the new table. 
  • Add an indoor fountain. 
  • Set the room up for Monday. 
I want Mary Kay experience the beauty of walking into a fresh room, but most importantly I want Mary Kay to see the details of a room arrangement.  Teachers need to consider so many things when setting up a room, its something I want Mary Kay to experience in her time with our class.  

You can read more about my thoughts on room set up and design below. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slice of Life Day 25- Well Done Mom, Well Done!

Time and time again I am finding the best news comes when you least expect it…

Today as I was cleaning my house the phone rang, I paused my work and picked up the phone…"Hello."

My mom was on the other end and sounded extraordinaly chirpy!
I asked, "How are you today?' in this same joyful voice she replied "I am FANTASTIC!" I paused, I knew whatever was to follow warranted my time and attention, this joyfulness told me this news would be BIG!  I waited… then it came, the news we have prayed for for 14 years…"Dr. Y (oncologist) set me free! No more visits no more meds and he wished me a LOOOOOOOng and happy life!"

My mom was diagnosed 14 years ago with breast cancer, we all paused caught our breath and moved forward into what was next.  My mom handled this with a bravery I am not sure I am capable of (and pray I don't have to find out).  As her hair began to fall out from treatment we shaved her head. We knew what was coming, lets beat cancer by staying ahead of it, WE will decide when the hair is goes not the treatment! When mom was sick from chemo she accepted it and  she planned for the times in-between treatments, when she could count on feeling well. When the radiologist marked her skin for treatment, mom bragged about her first tattoos and even showed them off to a select few!

Through all the challenges of accepting the diagnosis, enduring treatment and facing the what if's mom has been a true inspiration. Today we celebrate her endurance and acceptance to beat cancer!

Well done Mom, well done!

Prayers and well wishes to all who find themselves facing these same challenges. Each case is unique and each case deserves our respect and admiration.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life March challenge.  I am joining other bloggers and writing every day in March.  Please visit their site to read other slices and please remember to let the blogger know you read their post, sure the love in the comments! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Slice of Life Day 24 Memories of a Life Time

Family Photos with names, a gift from Aunt Rosie to Katyana

This was a weekend I will always remember.

My dad, mom and two daughter piled into the car and headed to West Virginia. (Sadly, my husband couldn't join this trip.)  We had not seen my dad's family in 40 years! My daughters had never met the Cunninghams in West Viriginia.

We have my lovely cousin Katyana to thank for this reunion. It was her dedication and drive that brought this BIG happy family back into one house, on the same day at the same time, all sharing the same air.

As my daughters and I shared the stories of our trip with my husband I asked them what they will remember most about this trip~

Olivia~ papaw's determination

Lexi~ the mountains and meeting my family

Me~ the stories

As I sat and listened to the stories I tried to imagine all these grown adults as grubbing little kids running around this small coal mining town from breakfast till dark.  I wondered how it felt growing up in the mountains and being one of seven children.  Then my thoughts went to Grandma, how could she managed all seven children and the daily chores?  So many stories were shared each unique and heart felt. Although, I am still wondering about a few tales from good old Uncle Larry, they may have been given new life and drama as the years have passed… I'm just wondering!

We celebrated our reunion, we celebrated Katyana finding her place in this big family and reconnecting us all and we celebrated grandma's indoor bathroom! (On our last trip we bathed in a tub in the kitchen and visited the privy out back for the bathroom.  I still remember Aunt Sandy grabbing the stick and the flashlight to take me to potty!)

This trip meant more to me than I can express tonight, I don't know why, but the words are coming hard tonight. The memories are still flying through my mind, settling into my heart and etching themselves into my memory. I hope as all these thoughts settle more I will find the words to truly express my thoughts and thank all those who made these memories possible.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Slice of Life Day 21~ New Challenges, New Opportunities

Today marks the beginning of an adventure that will challenge and fulfill me in ways I can't yet envision.  This opportunity will take me on a journey through instructional decisions, planning and teaching,  pushing my thinking to it's core.  I welcome the challenges of this project, I will be become a stronger teacher, mentor and person.

As we met today to discuss the details of the project I found myself sitting in Ramseyer Hall at Ohio State University and already I knew I was being changed.  I did not attend Ohio State University, but I have always respected the university and stand proud that I am an Ohio State Buckeye by birth!

Sitting in Ramseyer Hall listening to dedicated teachers (teachers who agreed to meet on a beautiful Saturday) share their teaching stories, asking questions and digging deeper in a desire to better understand the art of teaching, I was feeling energized.  Each question led to another, none of them easily answered, none of them with one simple answer.  We were asking the questions teachers grapple with daily, the questions that drive our decisions and set the climate of our classrooms.

So, today I  dipped my toes in the water of my newest, and definitely scariest, challenge of my professional learning to date. The water was warm, supportive and inviting,  I am looking forward to the big dive!

Julie shares more about this opportunity on her blog.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life March challenge.  I will be joining other bloggers and writing every day in March.  Please visit their site to read other slices and please remember to let the blogger know you read their post, sure the love in the comments! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Slice of Life Day 17~ Connecting and Reconnecting

For the month of March I will be participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.  It will be a busy month of writing and commenting with this community.  

I am looking forward to a very unexpected trip and it isn't where I am going that has me so excited, it's who I am going with and why!

You see, just this summer I was prusing my Facebook wall and noticed a friend request from two of my aunts that I had not seen since I was about 10 years old! After I accepted the friend requests I immediately saw another request. This request was really puzzling, I didn't know the name, but I noticed we had mutual friends in my aunts and my mom so I accepted.

This is where the story really begins, the request was from Katyana, who turned out to be a cousin I never  know existed. This was unbelievable... Katyana is the daughter of my favorite uncle and my ONLY female cousin. After a few direct messages Kat and I transferred our conversation to the phone. Kat's story is fascinating.  She had been researching our family history in an effort to locate her father who she hadn't seen since she was a year old. Unfortunately, her dad passed away before she could reconnect. the passing of her father left Kat feeling defeated but she also found she had a BIG family waiting and ready to welcome her.

Our conversations grew and Katyana and her husband were on their way to meet me and my family.  The visit was amazing, I felt like I had grown up with Kat.  Listening to my dad and his brother share stories of their childhood and memories of Kat's father was like living in another time.  The sparkle in my dad's eyes and the flush in his cheeks were something I had not seen in quiet sometime.  Dad and his brother laughed for hours as they shared stories of their ornery childhood.

It was amazing to see the family resemblance in Kat, she looked just like her dad and her uncles.  The visit was amazing and all too short.

So…in just a few days Katyana will be returning to Ohio and we will be taking a road trip! My family, my uncle and my cousins are taking a trip back to where my dad grew up to connect and  reconnect with family!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Slice of Life Day 15

A brave attempt to capture our day in just a few words…

3 Generations

4 manicures
Pushing Pink, Sea Foam Green
Margarita Pink and Coaralie


4 choices
1 Decision
Whoes will win?

Youngest wins…
No Surprise

Oldest chooses

Cold creamy

1 day
Endless Memories


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Slice of Life~ My Maker Space

Tonight's post will merge two of my digital communities. I hope neither community minds the merge…

Tonights post is day 14 as a member of the Slice of Life writing community created by Two Writing Teachers and in this post I want to share my "make" for my Digital Playground community created by Julie And Cathy.

The members of the Digital Playground are giving a biweekly "make." I don't really know how to explain what a make is, it's a task we are challenged to complete, the directions are open. The ambiguity of this task is exactly what makes it's so fun! Members set out of the task in a variety of ways and each one is unique to the creator. Along the way I am learning new tools, new friends and new things about old friends, it's all a win!

Julie's direction for this make are~
However you identify yourself, there’s probably a special spot that is your “space to make.”  Is it your kitchen, your garage, the cityscape, or someplace else where you can let your creativity shine?

For this week’s make, we’d like you to show us your maker space.  How you show us is up to you.  There are no limitations...write a poem or story, create a movie, build something and take a photo...use your imagination!  Try a new tool, or stay with something familiar because you want to get better at it.  It’s your choice!
I struggled to define my maker space. Then I heard my daughter's dance instructor Martine Clark express what the dance studio means to a dancer, loosely quoted from my memory-
"...the studio to a dancer is a sacred place, a place where we can be ourselves and a place where we can let it all go and express ourselves."
As I listened to these words I knew what my maker spaceS were... a place I hold sacred, (my classroom), a place I feel free to be myself, (in my classroom, my home and at a mall. Yep, I feel creative and inspired at the mall. I grew up working in the mall and have always felt the mall grounds me, it's a creative space where we dream and create spaces and images) and finally, the recliner with my laptop. This is where all my thoughts come together and are turned into expressions and wonders!

Click to view my Maker Space

I used Nutshell to create show my maker space. Nutshell is VERY simple to use, but I took sometime trying to polish a few pieces. The music and picture quality continue to be my challenges with this tool. 

What's your Make Space…?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Slice of Life Day 13~ Watching, Listening and Stepping In

Yesterday I sat back in my classroom I watched, I listened and I wondered as my student teacher taught. I watched, I made notes, I noted kids who need to work with on specific skills, kids who might need more support than I can do alone, kids who might need more encouragement, kids who need to know they are doing a great job and kids who are ready for enrichment. 

So today, I stepped in ~

I grabbed books on odd and even numbers for 3 boys who were exploring odd and even yesterday in meth.

Started a book group

Called a parent

Emailed 2 parents

Reassessed a few readers 

Commented on several blogs

Conferred with support staff 

Conferred with a few students 

Read with a couple of readers

And started "Mystery Blog Commenting" between all three 1st grade classes. 

What a busy kid based day!  Today, I hoped balanced  my involvement and my student teachers freedom.  Imagine what we could do with two teachers in the classroom all the time! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Slice of Life Day 12~New perspectives

Our class is fortunate to have a student teacher join our class for the year! It's such an honor to learn and grow alongside a student teacher, but it's not easy. This week I am taking on a new perspective…

sitting back, listening, watching and thinking….

I Hear~
Kids commenting on the lesson
Kids talking quietly as others share with the group
Some kids repeating the same answer over and over and over
Some kids laughing
Someone making sounds with their mouth
An excited teacher talking with the class seated around her

I See~
Some kids raising their hands
Some kids sitting quietly
All kids looking at the teacher
A student teacher glowing in her opportunity

I Wonder~
Do they do this for me?
How would I deliver the lesson?
Would it be the same as I envision sitting here?
Does the noise maker know they are making sounds with their mouth?
Will the noise maker ever stop?
What are the intentions of those repeating the answer over and over and over again?
Does the teacher teaching hear the samethings I hear?
Do they know I still care?

this is undoubtedly the HARDEST thing I have ever had to do.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Adventures Slice of Life Day 11

As I write today's slice my daughter sits on the floor of our den sniffling as she pours over college applications already submitted and the thousands of letters and brouchers that have followed. I asked what she was looking for, she grumbled an answer only she knows.  I offered my help, I was declined. I offered my support, she mumbled a longer stronger grumble. I walked away, I waited... soon she came out of the den, walked over to me and began asking her questions. 

This is a difficult in her life, so many opportunities and so many unknowns.  I remember being her age well, but I don't remember the fear and pressure that my daughter is feeling.  Is it the high stakes testing, the competition of college acceptances, or the violent change of everything in her life today? 

I feel her pain more than she knows, but I know as much as I will miss her her opportunities are only just beginning! I know she will take all she has experienced and everything she has built and make her mark!  My wish is that she could see what I see in her future. 

Break-a-leg baby girl! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Slice Of Life Lunch Day 10

Today I had the privilege of having lunch with some very excited and dedicated young writers.  Not only did I have the privilege of eating with these writers, but I am also lucky enough to write beside them each and everyday!  Despite the time I spend with these writers I have learned so much more about these writers thanks to their participation in the Slice Of Life Writing Challenge!

I have learned~

  • their favorite places to write
  • their favorite times of the day to write
  • whether they write alone or with help
  • what new toys they have at home
  • family ski trips
  • the family stomach bug
  • where they get writing ideas
  • how they plan time to write
  • double kicks in soccer
  • favorite books
  • birthday parties
  • birthday parties over done
  • plane trips
  • new eye glasses
  • and summer plans
The SOL challenge is appropriately named and so worth all it's challenges! Thank you #SOL15 for making this a great experience! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Break-A-Leg! Slice of Life day 9

Our beautiful daughter began her life as a dancer at age 3.  As she grew up in the dance word she looked up to the "big girls" who danced on their "tippy toes" and dreamed of the day she would be one of the "big girls."  Who knew it would come (and go) so soon?

When Liv dances she says the world disappears and it's just her and the music. When I watch Liv dance the world disappears and she is the only one on stage, even in a sea of dancers.  As I watch Liv jump, tilt and turn all I remember is that little girl in her pink leo from Target dreaming of being a big girl and I feel the passionate dancer she has become. I watch her move across the stage and beam with pride and cry with joy. What a beautiful dancer.

Dance has taught Liv to live her life loud and to face difficult times with determination, even when it seems the world is against her.  Liv has shown her dance peers, instructors and her family that when you really want something you get it with hard work and grit. Any goal worth reaching for doesn't come easily.

Now that Liv's dance life (as she knows it now) is winding down I wonder what she will do without dance in her life. She doesn't have any formal plans to study dance at the college level.  I do stand strong in knowing whatever Liv chooses for her next phase of life the lessons she learned through dance will carry her through.

So in June, when I watch my beautiful dancer perform for the final time, I will shed a tear (OK, lots of them) and rejoice in the lessons that will out live out in the person she will forever be, a strong and determined human being.

Break-a-leg baby girl!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Walking -The - Walk~ Slice of Life day 8

Today as my student teacher and I sat down to plan I found myself-

- talking in a way that would lead her to MY IDEA! 
              Oops, how many times have I coached her to avoid playing "guess my answer" in teaching? 

- stopping her thoughts, asking questions before allowing her to discover or redirect her thinking. 
               Oops, how many times have I coached  her to let the kids talk it through, let them discover as they talk, it's their answer to find, not ours to give? 

-setting her goal for the week! 
               OPPS!  I really did this, I TOLD HER WHAT SHE WAS WORKING ON PROFESSIONALLY  FOR THE WEEK! Who owns the learning now, who will remember the goal, not my student teacher! 

This is one of the many reasons I enjoy working with others, all the learning I discover along the way! I am not sure what makes best practice slip away from me when working with adults, but I do know if I want my I student teacher to own the learning she has to do the work, not me. 

So this week I will step back, I will watch, I will listen, I will plan my conferences and set my teaching targets with her as I would with my kiddos.  This week we will learn side-by-side in our ways. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

New Opportunities~ Slice of Life Day 6

Arps Hall, Ohio State University
Photo credit
Tuesday I had the privilege of sharing our classroom technology practice with pre-service teachers at Ohio State University.  I was honored when their instructor, Michele Sanderson approached me about speaking with her class.  The opportunity to mentor young teachers is a passion of mine. As professional educators I feel it's our duty to share and foster the art of teaching in young teachers. It's important to share our passions and the beliefs that go into building and designing our classroom practice.

The interns were eager to hear about the tools my students and I use and how they take our learning beyond our classroom. The questions they asked were great and showed their  interest in designing and establishing in their own classrooms someday.  As we talked about instructional decisions and their outcomes I realized how many decisions are behind each small choice we make. Many of these choices have become a habit, something we just do.  I also felt pride in our profession and an a sense of anticipation in these new teachers, they too will be professional educators soon.

I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed sharing and teaching at this level. I was humbled and honored to think about the opportunity to influence so many classrooms through these young and excited teachers!

I may have found a new interest to pursue.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Slice of Life day 2

Tonight I  struggle with my role as an educator and a mom. I teach in the same district where my daughter attends.  Most times this is a blessing, but nights like tonight make it a struggle.  I am caught between what I know is best practice as an educator and what is right as a mom and what is best for my child.

How do you tell your high school daughter that sometimes you don't have to do the assignment you were assigned?  Sometimes you have to step back and look at things with a new perspective. Sometimes you have to step back and stand up for what's right for you. Sometimes you just have to say, I chose not to do the assignment and here's why.

Well, I chose to tell my daughter what I thought about the assignment and why. Then I asked her to weigh the options, and I stood back and let her make the choice…sigh.

Then, as a mom I couldn't let it go, it's not just my child in this situation, it's an entire 3 classes of overwhelmed and over worked kids doing PARCC prep homework tonight. So, I emailed the teacher, I said my piece, I hit send. I am a mom and educator and an advocate for kids. These three can't be separated, it's just who and what I am.

Tonight when I go to bed I will say an extra prayer for the passion of learning for all these poor children, subjected to one more prep, one test, one more stressful day at school.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Slice Of Life day 1

Today's slice is short…I seem to have a stomach bug for the second time in February!

It seems when we are immersed in our busy lives all we long for is a day in our jammies. A day in our jammies, guilt free time to relax. Then the day comes and forces you to stay in your jammies and I all I thinks about all I should be doing!

I hear my husband come back from the grocery store and think, I should be shopping.

I hear my daughter packing herself for an all day rehearsal and I think, I should be reassuring her  and encouraging her endurance for an 8 hour rehearsal.

I hear my husband doing laundry and i realize how fortunate I am, I didn't have to ask him to do anything, he just jumped in and took over, he even brought home popsicles for me.