Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slice of Life Day 25- Well Done Mom, Well Done!

Time and time again I am finding the best news comes when you least expect it…

Today as I was cleaning my house the phone rang, I paused my work and picked up the phone…"Hello."

My mom was on the other end and sounded extraordinaly chirpy!
I asked, "How are you today?' in this same joyful voice she replied "I am FANTASTIC!" I paused, I knew whatever was to follow warranted my time and attention, this joyfulness told me this news would be BIG!  I waited… then it came, the news we have prayed for for 14 years…"Dr. Y (oncologist) set me free! No more visits no more meds and he wished me a LOOOOOOOng and happy life!"

My mom was diagnosed 14 years ago with breast cancer, we all paused caught our breath and moved forward into what was next.  My mom handled this with a bravery I am not sure I am capable of (and pray I don't have to find out).  As her hair began to fall out from treatment we shaved her head. We knew what was coming, lets beat cancer by staying ahead of it, WE will decide when the hair is goes not the treatment! When mom was sick from chemo she accepted it and  she planned for the times in-between treatments, when she could count on feeling well. When the radiologist marked her skin for treatment, mom bragged about her first tattoos and even showed them off to a select few!

Through all the challenges of accepting the diagnosis, enduring treatment and facing the what if's mom has been a true inspiration. Today we celebrate her endurance and acceptance to beat cancer!

Well done Mom, well done!

Prayers and well wishes to all who find themselves facing these same challenges. Each case is unique and each case deserves our respect and admiration.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life March challenge.  I am joining other bloggers and writing every day in March.  Please visit their site to read other slices and please remember to let the blogger know you read their post, sure the love in the comments! 


  1. So happy for your mom and your whole family-such great news!!

  2. I am very very happy for your mom and you all.

  3. This slice brightened my day! Congratulations to your family!

  4. Your family must be dancing! Your mom sounds brave and full of joy!