Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Slice Of Life Lunch Day 10

Today I had the privilege of having lunch with some very excited and dedicated young writers.  Not only did I have the privilege of eating with these writers, but I am also lucky enough to write beside them each and everyday!  Despite the time I spend with these writers I have learned so much more about these writers thanks to their participation in the Slice Of Life Writing Challenge!

I have learned~

  • their favorite places to write
  • their favorite times of the day to write
  • whether they write alone or with help
  • what new toys they have at home
  • family ski trips
  • the family stomach bug
  • where they get writing ideas
  • how they plan time to write
  • double kicks in soccer
  • favorite books
  • birthday parties
  • birthday parties over done
  • plane trips
  • new eye glasses
  • and summer plans
The SOL challenge is appropriately named and so worth all it's challenges! Thank you #SOL15 for making this a great experience! 


  1. I love that you all have a writing community that is sharing and supporting each other.

  2. What a great way to build excitement around writing and a writing community!

  3. What wonderful writing is going on in your classroom!