Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Moms Happy Heart~ Celebrating a Slice of Life Day 8

Each week I join Ruth Ayres for her #Celebratelu.  Check out all of the posts linked up on her blog HERE

Slice of Life is sponsored on Tuesdays by Two Writing Teachers. For the month of March I have been posting a slice each day on our blog. I have enjoyed writing each day and I love the way my writing surprises me! 

Today I am taking a liberty to Celebrate and Slice in this post~ 

Today's celebration is sweet and simple, I don't want to take the chance of of allowing my words to take away from the celebration.  My youngest daughter is a young 17, she has been in the "Mom you're embarrassing me stage." You know, the one you dread, the one that makes you beg for even a hug. Well, I say has been because recently I have witnessed a  few glimmers of hope that this dreaded phase is over! 

Amidst the hints of this stage coming to pass was last nights encounter. I went in to say good night and force  give her a hug. When I entered her room she was laying on her bed, I bent down to say goodnight and give her a hug. As we hugged she said, "I love you mommy, I know I don't always act like it and sometimes you wonder , but I do, I love you and I appreciate all you do for me."  

With this I went to bed with a happy heart….


  1. It seems as if she knew the right thing to say at the tight time. Here's to hoping a new stage is being entered.

  2. What a great reason to celebrate! My teen daughter goes in and out of the "mom is totally embarrassing" moments. The worst years were her middle school years when she was a student at the school I taught at. Now that she's moved to high school, I'm not nearly as embarrassing.