Monday, March 10, 2014

Perspective of TIme

It's funny how little bits of this and little bits of that all come together and change your perspective.  My post today is inspired by Elisa's comment on Just Like That, Morning Routines and @CathyMere's more recent post, Sacred Time

In my post, Just Like That, Morning Routines I belabored my ability to pull myself from the bed. This was a fun post to write, but as @terjeakka commented, it isn't fun in the morning. Getting up really is my biggest challenge of the day, and not just on cold days or school days but on all days.

As I read the comments that were posted on my blog I realized many readers had difficulty getting out of bed with the colder weather. This made me pause to consider my challenge. Was it the cold weather? Well, that would make this problem temporary and out of my control. Whew, that would be easy! Then there was this comment from Elisa~

Elisa made me think about why I am having so much trouble getting up and just how much time I really need to get ready in the morning.  Maybe I am allowing myself this lazy morning because I can. These thoughts swirled in my head throughout the week as I lay in bed, snoozing through alarms and reading social networks the problem was acknowledged, it didn't go away and I knew I wasn't alone in this sleep vs. the alarm clock challenge. 

Then, just like that, Friday I got after only 2 snooze cycles (20 minutes) and got ready for the day. Surprisingly, I found myself ready to go in about 30 minutes.  I went downstairs to feed the cat, grab my bag and jump in the car. Then it hit me, I have a few minutes here, I COULD sit down at my island and have breakfast! I am a BIG breakfast eater and my obsession with the snooze button has limited breakfast to weekends only. 

I pulled out my favorite breakfast food, poured myself a glass of milk, pulled my iPad close and sat down at the island. I sat for a minute I looked out the window; I talked to my cat, thought about my days and browsed a few blogs. Was this the quiet before the storm? As I headed for the door I felt balanced, taken care of and ready for 21 first graders and all they could throw my way. 

As the day began the challenges stared coming my way,  I maneuvered smoothly through and around them all.  It's funny how these short 10 minutes (one snooze cycle) gave me the gift of time. Time to balance myself for the day, time to be alone with my thoughts and time to be ready for my day. 

This weekend reading @Cathy Mere’s post, Sacred Time I reflected on how that one morning had come to be. 

Was the time important enough that I had made the time, hitting snooze a few less times?  Was it this wonderful community of writers helping me know I am not alone?  Was it a fluke, to not be repeated?  As I weigh the possibilities that made this time available to me I know I do have the power to find more wonderful mornings just like Friday.  Today was close, but tomorrow will be better. 


  1. I treasure my mornings! It brings me joy to sit down and have a cup of coffee and relax. During March I try to post my slice in the morning as well. But there are also mornings when the snooze button becomes my friend......

  2. Deb, what a wonderful post! I love how you weaved one blog post and a reader's comment to make sense of something that has been in your mind lately. You know Deb...your post does make me think that sometimes we just don't cut ourselves some slacks. Not making excuses but just's ok. Let's try that again tomorrow. We had such a long winter but our brighter days are coming and I'm sure you'll just carve out time for yourself, for some quiet and of course some breakfast.

  3. As much as I am not a morning person, I'm finding that if I want some "me time", whether it's to go to the gym, read my book, or get stuff done at work, mornings are the best time for it.

  4. Deb,
    I always think it is too bad we can't make our work schedules fit around the way we work best. I'm a morning person. I'm up early, and do my best work then. By 10:00 (and I'm commenting after that), I'm done. I have to smile at the thought of your battle with the snooze button (maybe your own vs. story). I'm glad you are managing a little time at your island before you come to school each day. You deserve it.