Monday, March 17, 2014

Helplessly Waiting


The door creeks
Then closes gently
It wasn’t for me

The phone rings
Doctors walk past
It wasn’t for me

Near by conversations
And mumbled prayers
Not meant for me

Random day-time TV shows
To ease the wait

Magazines scattered
To ease the wait

The hours pass
TV gets louder
Conversations fade
The room grows cold

Waiting, praying, helpless

Today's post is inspired by waiting in the surgery recovery room. Waiting to here the outcome of surgery is a helpless feeling. My husband has been enduring back pain for over a year. Despite his many attempts to decrease or rid himself of this pain here I sit, praying and waiting for the day he renters his pain free life! 

Please excuse my novice attempt at poetry, just seemed to fit the way I feeling today. I hope tomorrow's post will be about the successes of today! 


  1. Your poetry is perfect. No need to say that this is a novice attempt. It's perfect. (It reminded me of a haiku I wrote when my husband had surgery last summer, Why is it that poetry calls to us as the way we should write when we're waiting for our hubbies to be out of the OR?)

    Anyway, I'm thinking of you today. I hope the surgery is a success, Deb.

  2. You've captured that anxious waiting perfectly, Deb.

  3. Deb,
    You captured the feeling of spending time in a waiting room. I really liked the way you ended the first stanzas in "it wasn't for me." Hoping you aren't waiting much longer and that all is well.


  4. I think your words capture that helpless feeling when all you can do is wait in the recovery room. I hope the surgery went well and that the first part of your waiting is over.

  5. The poem was very effective. Hope that your husband gets help soon and is pain free.

  6. That was a great poem, Deb. Your feelings of anxiousness and helplessness really came across in your words. I know your next post will be full of relief and joy!