Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Somethings Never Change

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge. Each day for the month of March I will write about a slice of my life. This blog and this challenge are a place for me to look at life and discover where writing will take me. I am proud to share with you that my first graders are also participating!

Yesterday my oldest daughter (who is now in college) posted this photo on FaceBook for Transformation Tuesday. This photo made me pause; my girls have grown so much over the years. As clich√© as it sounds, it really does seem like just yesterday they were toddlers running through the house laughing and leaving toys and sippy cups in their paths. Well, wait not everything has changed, now one daughter flies in and out the house leaving car keys, water bottles, gym bags and shoes, shoes, and SHOES in her path. 

It's funny how I look back and miss a time that once was and still look forward to what's yet to come. A friend once told me every age will be your favorite. I didn't understand this at the time, but now I can say she was right. Each stage brings new experiences and new discoveries. I love watching my girls grow into beautiful young women with opinions and goals. It can be a challenge to step back just enough to let them reach for those dreams even though they may struggle along the way. This is just what moms do, we pull back, then we push forward and we pray all the way. 

Looking around my house I can still see the signs of my daughters they just look different. The lower level that once was FILLED with toys of all sizes is now filled with an air hockey table, football, hockey and Broadway Play memorable, a popcorn machine, game table, a treadmill and a large screen TV. The table that was once accessorized with highchairs and booster seats is now covered with book bags, purses, car keys and coats. The bathtub that was once overtaken by rubber ducks, baby shampoo and plastic books is now home to a variety of shampoos, face wash, and a loofah. The bedrooms that were once pink fairies, American Girl Dolls, books, special blankies and dolls are now floors littered with clothes, tech devices, magazines and special blankies and dolls. 

~Some things never change. 


  1. The details of what your daughters left/leave behind captures those ages so well. I have to agree with you that I like each age the best. Every year brings new joys--and new challenges--with my daughter as well. All too soon she will be leaving things strewn across a dorm room rather than her bedroom at home.

  2. And then, they come home with their own kids and it's another perfect age. And their kids begin leaving things all over. And just when you think you can't take it anymore, they leave for their own homes. Then you begin looking for the things the little ones leave behind, just so you can smile one more time....

  3. It's so hard to let go of each stage, but it helps to quickly find something in the next stage to get excited about. So glad that you are embracing each new stage.

  4. Congrats on a new blog! I didn't even realize it last night when I stopped by and commented. I happened to read Cathy's today and she shared you had started one for this project. I just love this photo and your reflections about the girls growing up.