Friday, March 7, 2014

Ice Cream, It's As if We're Attached~ SOL Day 7

My first love...
Ice cream was there when I was young
The perfect way to cool down a summer day.
As I grew in age my love of ice cream grew.
Soon we weren't  just meeting at the end of meals or on hot days
we had reached a new level.
We were now meeting between meals and on cold days. 
Ice Cream and I realized we were more than food and consumer 
And we were OK with that.
As my life continued on the path into adulthood ice cream stood there beside me, as if it were actually   somehow apart of me! 
Ice cream was a constant, always ready to host a social event, close and meal or commentate a special memory. 
Of course ice cream and I will also have our between meals drop ins-
Some relationships just run deep like that, almost as if you are apart of each other.  

As I accepted this 30 day writing challenge my friend Cathy said there would be post(s) you really hope no one reads—This is it, the post I hope no one reads. I created this post on my iPhone, driving home from an ice cream trip with my family. This time ice cream and I got together to celebrate my daughter being home from college for spring break. There's always a reason for ice cream! 


  1. Ah, ice cream. The ultimate in comfort food and memory maker. Great for children of all ages! I wonder if I have any ice cream left in my freezer? I think there might be part of a Frosty from when I was sick.

  2. Aha! But I read it, and thought it was just great, love ice cream, & love that you're celebrating your daughter being home. See, I read all the way through! Have a super weekend!

  3. I love ice cream. Once in my younger days just out of college, my friends and I drove back mountain roads in a snow storm just to get ice cream. Now on family vacations we search out the best local ice cream shop. Of course, that means we have to try them all out!

  4. I love this two part slice, with a clever relationship poem and a sweet mom moment.

  5. Mmm.... ice cream is awesome! I wonder if I have any Phish Food in my freezer...

  6. I read it! I thought it was great :) I have a love affair with ice cream as fave flavor caramel cashew.

  7. This is my second ice cream post today. I think I might need to join in I love ice cream.
    Here is a link to another blogger who likes ice cream