Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SOL30 Day Writing Challenge- the final days...

As you know I have been participating in the 30 day writing challenge hosted by the team at Two Writing Teachers.  Now here we are only 3 days left in the challenge.  I am not sure I have said all I have to say but, I know I have learned a few things in this challenge... 

I can make time each day to write.
Even when I think I don't want to write it weighs heavy on my mind until I do. 
My best writing comes easily and it comes straight from the heart.
Comments mean more than they probably should. 
I write for myself, not for the comments. 
Often my story takes a turn from my initial goal.  
Sometimes, after I write a draft or jot ideas in my notebook my passion for the idea deminishes. 
Writing helps me discover my inner thinking and feelings. Writing is therapeutic.
I can write with humor!! (yay, I love to make people laugh)
My writing has strong feelings. 

I wonder how my final pieces will spill out onto the paper, I wonder what else I have to discover, I wonder when I will write when this challenge ends. 


  1. I found myself smiling as I read your post. This evening I started my slice writing about writing...but ended up posting about something else. Maybe tomorrow. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about why you write.

  2. A great list! We're at the finish line now. Thank you for sharing this.