Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Jr. High Devils~ SOL Day 6

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge. Each day for the month of March I will write about a slice of my life. My first graders are also participating!

This Slice of Life was born back in the days before caller id, when phones were still connected to walls, when teens ran like lighting to answer a ringing phone and then spent HOURS TALKING on the phone. Remember those days? Where they've gone I am not sure, but I do know they have left an imprint on my life. 

Step back into this memory with me. I was spending the night with one of my best friends, Sue. We were sitting in her room talking, dreaming and scheming. Sue and I were good at scheming and quite proud of our skills, (just ask our middle school counselor who fondly referred to us as the "Jr. High Devils")! Well, this night was one for the history books.

Sue and I sat in her bedroom talking about all the things young teen girls do and we planned prank calls for our entertainment.  We loved to call neighbors and ask to borrow bullion cubes, ask for Prince Albert in a can and our all time favorite, Is your refrigerator running… you know that one I am sure. Of course, we called cute boys just too hear their voices and then we  "pretended we had the wrong number."  We were the MASTER of the prank call and all our friends knew just how good we were, we were legendary! 

So this particular night we called Pam (the third of the Jr. High Devils). We knew she would know it was us, this would just be our "warm up" call for the night. 


       "Hi! This is Carol Dempsey from WNCI Radio and if you can tell me the phrase
that pays YOU win the new FRAMPTON COMES LIVE album!" pause… (Sue and I are holding back bust-a-gut giggles-)

     "Oh, Oh, WNCI means more music!" Pam screams eagerly back into the phone! 

  What!!! Did she really believe we were Carol Dempsey? Pam didn't recognize my voice? No way! We talked on the phone all the time! Are we that good that we could fool our best friend? 
     "OK, please stay on the line so we can get your information and we will get the album out to you." Carol replied.

Pause…control laughter…stay in character...

    "OK, I am ready can I get your first and last name, OK good, your street address...  your zip code? Great we will have this out to you as soon as possible! Congratulations and thanks for listening!"  Sue and I are laughing so hard Sue is snorting and I am crying! Did poor Pam really think she had won?  She couldn't have? She knows us!

Wow! Sue and I had reached an all time level of THE MASTER PRANK CALL!  Monday at school Pam shared her "great news" with everyone, Sue and I stood backed and watched. Finally, we pulled Pam aside, we couldn't let our best friend go on anymore, we had to come clean and confess our prank. Pam listened, but held strong, she HAD talked to Carol Dempsey and she had WON the album. 

Jump ahead to Pam's 40th birthday… Guess who was there… CAROL DEMPSEY (AKA as me and Sue!) with Pam's album, Frampton Comes LIve! Sue and I took the microphone and reenacted the infamous call and then presented our dear sweet friend with the Frampton Comes Live album! The hugs and tears that followed were intense; if I pause I can still feel the pressure and warmth of those hugs, hugs that marked 25 years of friendship. 

Sue and Pam and I are still close friends! We have known each other since jr. high and when we start chatting about old times or our lives today that connection is still there, it always will be! 

Love ya both! 


  1. I loved reading your post about friendship and how the connection between friends will always remain! Thanks for sharing this slice of life!

  2. I DID win an album but you guys never believed me and decided to prank me! So of course I believed I won again! LOL OK maybe I was a little naive back then. That album had risque lyrics for the time - it amazes me how much more is said in today's music to precious young ears. And by the way kids it was a 33 album, one of those big ones. No CD's or (8 tracks - another "modern" invention of OUR time - ask your parents).

  3. I love that you have such a great memory - so detailed and fun. :-) Thanks for sharing a slice about friendship!

  4. This blog is so fun to read! How brave to post a middle school picture of yourself. I might find my own albums this weekend. Time to look back and find stories to relive.

  5. Oh, how funny! Yes, I totally remember the phones connected to walls (and even party lines!) and talking for hours. I also remember prank calls. Those years of friendships and memories are precious. Loved this post!

  6. What a fun memory! How great is it that after all these years you can still share this closeness.

  7. I have fun describing those old phones to my daughter and my students. They can hardly believe it. Thanks for sharing such a fun memory.