Sunday, March 30, 2014

SOL Day 30/31 Writing Challenge~ The Gift of TIme

Well, it's here, the last day of spring break.  I have been fighting the Sunday blues paired with the final day of break and retreated into a book which led to a nap.  Great way to spend my last day, right?  Well, that depends on your perspective.  After I woke up I scrolled my feed on Bloglovin' and found a post from Cathy and Stella.  Both put that positive spin on the final day which helped me to see that my choice for a nap and reading were perfect choices for the day!  So borrowing their perspective and format here's my break in review.

The freedom of time and lack of schedules helped me be home with my husband as he slowly recovers from back surgery.  He requires medication around the clock to keep his pain manageable and knowing I didn't have an alarm the next morning made this easier on both of us.

Our oldest daughter who is in college came home a bit more often to help with her dad and spend time with the family. It's always great to have everyone under one roof!

With the support of my mother-in-law and my daughters I did manage to sneak out and enjoy a few hours to have lunch with a friend.  We explored a few new places and landed on a great chocolate shop! I am sure we will revisiting this stop!

My husband and watched a few movies we've been wanting to see for while now.  We also discovered our favorite Chinese places DELIVERS! This might have been my favorite  discovery of the week!

My youngest daughter and I went away for 2 days, just us!  I don't often get untagged time with my youngest, so this was a special time for both of us.  We traveled to a few universities  just a few hours from home.  Although neither university seemed to fit her just right we had a great time just begin together.  The hot tub at the hotel and open conversations were the highlights of our time together.

I did find time for more reading and commenting than I typically have, I did read a bit of a book (my daughter insists I read it, but honestly it's moving s-l-o-w, it actually puts me to sleep, shh!) and I have more time to write.  I finally completed a math post I had been working on for over a month!  

After reading Stella and Cathy's post I am resisting the urge to lament here about how it could've should've been more.  Instead I am glad to have found a few moments for me in the midst of mom, wife and nurse.

So as today turns into to tomorrow I am packing the perspective shared in Cathy and Stella's blog into my pocket to pull out and use again tomorrow as my class and I rejoin for sharing and learning together.


  1. I'm fighting the Sunday/end of spring break blues, too! Sounds like you had a great week - time for naps, Chinese food, movies, books, and time with your kids. All wonderful! I'm off to read Cathy's and Stella's posts. Have a great week back!

  2. It seems like you had a great week off. You've shown that less is more. Besides if you flew off to some warm destination you'd be lamenting about unpacking and doing laundry tonight, right?

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful break! I loved your last sentence...So as today turns into tomorrow..."

  4. Sunday blues are no fun! thanks for sharing your break with us - sounds wonderful! (Especially Chocoholique!)

  5. I have a bit of those Sunday blues today. (More like regret--I really should have graded those last papers earlier in the week.) But I needed a week of rest and relaxation. I can hope that I am energized to jump back into the last weeks of school. Enjoy your day back tomorrow!

  6. I feel much the same way you do. I have the last day of break/Sunday blues. But, I had the chance to recharge and do what I wanted, so I chalk one in the "win" column. I may be bleary-eyed and flying by the seat of my pants tomorrow, but when am I not?

  7. I'm glad you found lots of ways to enjoy your week. I loved The Internship. I thought it was hilarious. I dream of something besides pizza that delivers.


  8. Most of the schools around these parts don't even give a spring vacation. I found it refreshing to witness so many Slicers on vacation this past week. It's great that you are getting time to recharge your batteries at the end of March!

    I know the recovery for your husband is slow, but I hope he does better with each passing day.

    So glad you sliced with us this month, Deb! I hope you'll join us on Tuesdays year-round.