Saturday, March 15, 2014

SOL Day 15/31~Family Weekend

This weekend has been reserved for family! Sadly our college girl heads back to campus Monday and my husband Tim will undergo back surgery.  Knowing the upcoming week(s) will be difficult on us all we have all locked down our calendars for family only! 

So what fantastic things do we have planned?  Nothing!  Yep, I said nothing!  We are playing it by ear, hanging out and just being together. Today started out as we watched as Livi walk in the St. Patrick's Day parade with her dance studio. After the parade we stopped by to visit Grammy and Papaw and then headed out to lunch. After lunch we went home and started cleaning! 

Yep, our exciting, play-it-by ear day led us to cleaning. We cleaned the house (the key word here is WE)!  Working as a team and conquering the enormity of cleaning the house (which seems to grow the minute you take out the cleaning bucket) seemed like what this family needed to do on family weekend.  Is it possible we are all nesting in preparation for the weeks to come?

Of course, we were all to tired to cook after all this collaborative cleaning so we headed to favorite restaurant downtown.  We have eaten at this restaurant many times and it's always been great. Tonight was especially nice.  We lucked into a window table!  I just love a window seat and this table was in a corner of windows! The neighborhood was busy, the local homes were gorgeous, and the coming and going of the customers along with the basketball game on the TV kept this family lively in conversation and enjoyment. 

Now that we are settling in for the night in a fresh house, with clean laundry and new sheets we can wait to see what tomorrow holds!  Lets hope something more fun seeps into our day tomorrow! (*Smiling*) 


  1. Glad you are enjoying some time with family….and a clean house. Nice!


  2. Nice when everyone pitches in!

  3. I'm thoroughly enjoying your slice of life!!! What a treasure to look back on years from now!

  4. Everything is much more fun--even cleaning--when you are doing it together. Enjoy your time with family.

  5. Sometimes the best weekends are the ones that have the fewest plans. Two summers ago we began "protecting" one weekend a month where it would just be three of us. Free to do whatever we wanted at the last minute. Your post is making me think we should do that again this-coming summer.

    Best of luck to your husband with his surgery.