Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Class Room Rocks Star(s)

My class is full of amazing kids!  I have been out the last few days for my husband's back surgery. During my absence I have been blessed with guest teachers and an AMAZING team of first grade teachers that have all worked hard to help make sure the kids have what they need. My amazing team could be an entire post alone, but not today, today is about the kids!

Today I returned to my classroom to teach! I can't even tell you how great it felt to be back in our classroom. I looked around and found many little things out of place. Typically this is a button pusher for me. The kids know the routine and they know they should take care of our space. 

As I looked around and I could tell who had been where, what they were working on and how they were making the best of different situation. It was clear the kids had been working to solve their own problems and they did!  Things weren't actually out of place; they were where the kids needed them.

Later as the kids came in I heard a few of the cutest greetings, "You look different Mrs. Frazier, I haven't seen you in so long."  "I got you a card, I am glad I did, you need one."  "I made one for you too, it’s still at home." "Yeah, me too" (don't you love that one!) and I received a hug that must have lasted 30 seconds! I was a rock star! I hope the kids really know I needed to see them more than they needed to see me, they are the true rock stars! 

As we gathered together on the carpet, they shared their last days in the classroom and I shared my days out of the room.  We looked at our Slice Of Life post and talked about our lunch tomorrow. Everything was as it should be, talking sharing and planning together. 

Then M a super sweet young man raised his hand to share he would be out tomorrow because his family is heading to Disney!  The class oohed, and ahhed, 20 voices all clamored together to share their own Disney dreams. M waited patiently and then politely said,  "I won't be here for the slice lunch." Fast-forward a few hours (9 hours actually). M's mom emailed me to say M would LOVE to Skype in on our lunch! How sweet is this? Our SOL lunch is so important he wants to Skype in on his drive to Disney! 
Keeping my hopes high for a solid connection! 


  1. So good to have you back! What a great story about your friend Skyping in to your lunch! I hope it works!

  2. Love the this time of great change...they keep us focused! Lucky kids!

  3. I love the motivation of your students! How awesome he wants to Skype in on his trip so he won't miss your SOL time!