Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SOL 30 Day Writing Challenge Day 26~ 15 Minutes Tops!

I am participating in the 30 Day Writing Challenge hosted by the team at Two Writing Teachers.  Only 6 more post (5 after this one) and I can't believe we are so close to the end of the challenge, I will be back next year, I still have more to discover about my life and writing! 

Yesterday as I was browsing through the many posts posted at Two Writing Teachers I saw a comment by @Betsy_Writes asking us to play a game with her.

The idea of playing a game intrigued me so I clicked right on over to Betsy's link.  Well, I am glad I did!  I found a few new blogs and left a few more comments than I usually do.  But, that's not all!  Betsy encouraged her readers to visit her friend Robin's Slice but, only if you're brave enough!  Did Betsy say If you're BRAVE ENOUGH??  Oh, game on, I love a challenge, a dare or whatever you want to call it!  I clicked on over to Robin's blog and laughed and laughed!  Go ahead, you know want to… click on the link but, make sure you come back because I have a TMI story too.  I even won a radio contest by sharing this story!  OK, I have probably have set your expectations too high, lessen your expectation and read on if you dare.

One day I ran a quick errand to our local mall with my 7 month old first born daughter.  As I pulled into a parking place I debated taking in the stroller.  It's so much to lug it out of the trunk and then back in, did I really need it?  I decided no, I was only ordering a wedding gift for a friend, I wouldn't have any packages and if things go well I will only be in there for 15 minutes tops!

So, I lifted my daughter out of the car seat and walked into the mall, confident that this shopping addicted mommy would be in and out in 15 minutes tops!  We walked into the mall, right at the women's clothes and make-up counters. The color of the new spring clothes and  the smells of the perfumes and clothes took over my senses and the next thing I knew I was browsing through the new spring clothes.

I'll just walk through and enjoy the spring clothes, it's on the way to housewares anyway!  Then it hit me,  I was pregnant last spring.  This spring I could get back into REAL clothes, no more panels, no more roomy smock tops WOW!  I could probably stand a small update to my spring clothes.  So I allowed myself to browse a little deeper…

The next thing I knew I found myself in a fitting room with a dress.  I sat my daughter on the floor, careful to make sure there were no pins or anything she could put in her mouth.  The bottom of the fitting room walls were open, I knew I would have to be quick, I knew it was a risk, but my daughter is pretty mild mannered, I am sure she will stay put.

I slipped off my jeans AND top. I turned to grab the dress to see the bottom of my daughters shoes just passing under the open wall!  OH NO!  Here I am in my underware  and my daughter is escaping the fitting room!  I had no choice, I ripped the dress from the hanger and held it to my front side and went to grab my daughter.  Well, being like her mommy she was in awe of the pretty colors and somehow had made in about 100 ft from the fitting room before I caught up to her!

Yep!  There I was in the MIDDLE of the store (near the mall entrance) in my undies chasing a crawling baby!  My daughter and I tried to make it back into the fitting room unnoticed and to this day I have no idea who may or may not have seen me but, it felt like the WORLD was watching. I never did try on the dress or go buy that wedding gift!
                                                                       So all-in-all we were out in 15 minutes tops!


  1. Thank you for writing about Betsy's challenge. I was too rushed this morning to click but you have encouraged me to do so. However, your preface to your story, kept me on your page to read your slice. SO FUN!! You had me laughing!! As another spring begins, happy shopping!!

  2. That is too funny! It reminds me of another escaping toddler I once knew....

  3. Oh Deb, that made me laugh. I'm just picturing the whole scene.


  4. What a great story! Thanks for the laugh!