Saturday, March 22, 2014

Slice of Life 22/30 I Got You Babe!

I have been falling a little behind in reading and commenting lately. So tonight I decided I wouldn't write, I would read and comment. I read lots and left several comments then I stumbled onto to a post at Merely Day by Day that really made me pause and remember my childhood obsession, Sonny and Cher!

I had every album, magazine, 45 and poster ever made with Sonny and Cher!
I would spend hours combing through photos, watching The Sony and Cher Show and even writing fan letters to the duo!  My parents saw my obsession and gave it their blessing!

I will always remember the year Sonny and Cher came to the state fair. My dad dropped me and my mom off at 630 in morning
for an afternoon concert! My mom tried to work her magic and get me a backstage peek. We never got our behind the scenes peek but I KNOW Sony was signing right at ME for the entire concert.

After the concert my mom pulled out her sewing machine and made me a costume just like one of Cher's.  I remember wearing this costume, holding a Lincoln Log (with yarn attached for the cord) as a microphone and singing at the top of my lungs!  I had the hair flip,  the wrist drop and the lick of the lips down to an art, I was CHER!

I miss these simple days for myself and Sony and Cher, I cried when they divorced, but I will always have fond memories of those days pouring over magazines and belting out I Got You Babe!


  1. I loved the Sonny and Cher show! I even had a Cher doll. This was something I had in common with my dad. It was one of the few things we bonded over. It's amazing how music is such a gateway to our past.

    1. OMG, how could I forget the dolls!

  2. Their show was so terrific. Glad you brought back the memory!

  3. Funny. I was just thinking about Sony and Cher, as well as Donny and Marie tonight. Oh, those were the days. Did you see Cher is in town? Maybe you should get tickets…lol. Now I know why you are such a fan of Lincoln Logs…it's the microphone. Now I'm going to be singing, "I've got you babe…" all night long.


  4. Your post came at the perfect time. My brother went to see half of the duo--Cher--in concert last night. I enjoyed Sonny and Cher, but my obsession was Shawn Cassidy.